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The Genevan Psalms of Claude Goudimel The Genevan Psalms of Claude Goudimel


by Janssen, Theresa

The practice of singing Psalms has a long and rich tradition. In Continental Europe the Genevan melodies became the common method for singing the rhymed version of the Psalms. Reformed Christian schools as a rule require students to memorize the Psalms and sing them. Frequently, families will help their children through this process by singing the Psalms as part of their daily devotions after meals. This set of four CDs has all the melodies of the 150 Psalms, played on pipe organs, for accompaniment of this singing at home or at Bible study groups. Each of the 150 Psalms is played twice, once with the melody in the Soprano and once with the melody in the Tenor. For those who remember singing the Psalms in the past (perhaps in another language), but have no formal opportunity to do so now, this set of four CDs, along with an Anglo-Genevan Book of Praise, will ably fill this void.

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