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Life in the Eagles Nest Life in the Eagles Nest

A Tale from Afghanistan

by Tucker, Charlotte Maria

Afghanistan! To many an uncivilized land filled with terror and hatred, to others it is a land of intrigue and adventure but a land where in the 1870s few dared to travel. You can go there with Walter Gurney, the seventeen year-old orphaned son of a British missionary in India, who, after meeting handsome, boastful Dermot Denis, joins him on a trip into Afghanistan. Downplaying the danger of such a perilous trip, Walter eased his conscience with the thought of evangelizing the Afghanis. Infected with the enthusiasm of his companion, nothing seemed more enjoyable than this romantic journey into a mysterious land. Yet, within a few days they were at the mercy of a group of brutal Pathan-Afghani tribesmen and Walter is exposed to his companionís ridicule. How will he deal with the danger lurking in his path? Will Walter be able to withstand the challenges to his faith when challenged by a Moslem Holy man? Ö.

Paperback, 137 pages, Illustrated

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