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The Czar The Czar

by Alcock, Deborah

Born and raised in Ireland during the years of the potato famine (1845-1852), the author, the daughter of a Reformed Christian clergyman, weaves the moving story of her character Ivan Ivanovitch Pojarsky into captivating historical fiction. Ivan, an orphaned Russian Prince, who was adopted by loyal people in the village of Nicolofsky meets the great Czar Alexander of Russia while the Czar does his best to bring back to life a seemingly dead carpenter. This historical fact, and many others related in this captivating story, gives a very accurate picture of the life in Russia during the time in Napoleon, the other Czar who is forced to flee from Moscow to fight his last battle at Waterloo. The story goes beyond military battles to engaging spiritual ones…

Paperback, 426 pages, Some illustrations

USD 16.95 / CAD 19.95

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