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Wake up, Henry Rooster! Wake up, Henry Rooster!

by Ruurs, Margriet, illustrated by Cassidy, Sean

Henry is a young rooster who loves to have fun. He plays cards with the goats, listens to moosic with the cows, and pops corn with the pigs. After a long night of fun, however, Henry just can not get up early in the morning. His mom insists he is not lazy; Henry just is not a morning rooster. But Henry's father is off to a convention for a week - guess who must take his place and crow the sun up each morning? Poor Henry. He is just not cut out for this crowing business. But if he does not find a way to make it to work on time, the sun will not rise when it is supposed to, the farmer and his wife will be late, and all the farm chores will not get done. They are all depending on Henry. Will he learn to be a morning rooster after all?

Hardcover, 32 pages, With jacket, full colour illustrations, ages 4-7

USD 14.95 / CAD 19.95

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