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Ocean Liner SS Rotterdam V 1959-1997 Ocean Liner SS Rotterdam V 1959-1997

Former HAL Flagship Paper model – bouwplaat 1:250


The ship of the future… available today. In 1959, owner Holland America Line used this bold slogan to promote its then state-of-the-art ocean liner to the public, for a memorable journey. The ship sailed for ten years on the Rotterdam-New York route and from 1969 till 1997 as a cruise ship along the North American coast. Sold and renamed, the ship sailed for a while as the Rembrandt but was laid up when its owners ran into financial difficulties. Following years of uncertainty, a Rotterdam group found a way to re-designate the ship for an all-round in-port living-working-studying concept, in cooperation with the Albeda College and co-funded by Woonbron, a local housing corporation. This novel and futuristic concept fits right in with Dutch tradition to re-employ restored buildings and cargo barges, preserving their heritage. This model kit allows enthusiasts to connect with the rich (HAL) passenger liner history by building the Rotterdam! The paper model (quality light card stock) is rated for advanced builders. Instruction is in Dutch, German and English. (Laser cut hull - see option 1 - , railings - see option #2 - and detail - see option 3 - optional, convenient but not essential for completion of model kit. Each option listed separately).

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