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Dutch Jewry during the Emancipation Period Dutch Jewry during the Emancipation Period

Gothic Turrets on a Corinthian Building

by Michman, Jozeph

By the end of the eighteenth century, Dutch Jews enjoyed complete freedom of religion, but economic discrimination left the majority of them penniless. Moreover, a bitter conflict broke out between the orthodox Jews, and those Jews who had a more reform approach to their religion, leading to a fierce controversy and the foundation of a separate congregation. In spite of the emancipation decree of September 1796, discrimination only slowly declined in the course of the next century: the large Ashkenazic majority within the Dutch Jewish community refused to yield to the authorities’ integrationist policy. In his book, the author offers a new and original analysis of both the political, economical, religious and literary aspects of this fascinating and tumultuous era.

Paperback, 238 pages, Illustrated, bibliography, notes, index,

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