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Mona Parsons Mona Parsons

From privilege to prison, from Nova Scotia to Nazi Europe

by Hill, Andria

Even as a young girl growing up in small town Nova Scotia, Mona Parsons stood out for her elegance, self-confidence, and theatrical flair.

But the life of this Wolfville native has always overshadowed her stage roles. From a Nova Scotia, Canada childhood, Mona became a 1920s New York chorus girl, a Depression-era nurse, the wife of a Dutch millionaire, a member of a WWII Dutch war-time resistance group, a concentration camp prisoner, and – playing the role of her life – escaped, an emaciated fugitive who pushed herself to keep walking till she would meet Allied soldiers.

She regained her freedom when she stumbled into advancing Canadian soldiers… While the war was over for her, the battles on other fronts – as the book explains - were not.

Hardcover, 182 pages, Hardcover with jacket, Illustrated.

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