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Hervormd in Sint-Petersburg 1717-1927 Hervormd in Sint-Petersburg 1717-1927

by Holtrop, P.N., co-editor

This fascinating Dutch-language book on the Reformed Church in Russia’s St. Petersburg offers a look at society and life in a Dutch trading post on the Baltic Sea coast. Although not the oldest instituted Reformed Church in Russia for Dutch traders and their families, the one in St. Petersburg survived the longest. Various authors each examine aspects of the church’s history and the role it played in local society. In addition to a list of ministers who served in the Russian city, the book has information on who served as elders and deacons, and when. Included is their place of birth. That’s how travel patterns emerge. Elder Bartholomeus Borst (born in Sri Lanka) served 1717-1726, as did a couple of Moscow-born men, but the largest groups were from the Dutch capital of Amsterdam and the small Eastern-Dutch weavers’ village of Vriezenveen. During the nineteenth-century, locally-born men assumed leadership. The book features the genealogy on one Dutch trading family.

Paperback, 170 pages, Illustrated, the land-route map of Vriezenveen traders, index, bibliography, notes, special import and limited supply

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