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Indian Affairs in Colonial New York Indian Affairs in Colonial New York

The Seventeenth Century

by Trelease, Allen W.

This book is a classic in the study of Indian-European relations in seventeenth-century New York. First published in 1960, it remains the only one-volume history to explore these complex relations, which profoundly affected the economy and politics of the colony. Allen W. Trelease, professor emeritus of history at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, describes the Dutch period that followed Henry Hudson’s voyage in 1609 and New Netherland’s dealing with the Algonquian bands of the Hudson Valley and long Island. The second half of the book, treating the English period after 1664, emphasized the colonist’s relations with the Iroquois. - ‘[A] most important book … on the history of contacts between American Indians and the colonial powers … It is a piece of ethnohistorical research and writing of the best sort” – William N. Fenton, American Anthropologist.

Paperback, 379 pages, Maps, notes, bibliography, and index

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