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Travels of an American Girl Travels of an American Girl

by Potter Durkee, June

The young author recounts her eventful 1938 journey from New York to England, France, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, the Arabian Gulf, and on into India. June Potter's exciting story of her adventures and her thoughts about the people and new cultures she saw along the way will captivate readers her age. But it also is of historical interest to everyone, for it offers a view of the world on the brink of war and of mission work in foreign lands through the eyes of a gifted young lady, the daughter of F. M. ("Duke") Potter, a Rhodes scholar who for thirty years was a major force in Reformed Church (RCA) mission policy and administration. - As June tells her story the clouds of war already loom on the horizon, though the winds of change are not yet even a breeze, Al Poppen.

Paperback, 95 pages, Illustrated

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