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Canada and Noord-Brabant Canada and Noord-Brabant

An eternal bond

by Luijten, Dr. Jan

The author describes the battles of the Canadian forces for the liberation of the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant in this well documented and well-illustrated book. The very important WWII battles in the Southern part of the Netherlands long been obscured by the attention given to the Battle of Arnhem and the Liberation of the North in 1945. Luijten not only describes these battles in the South, but also offers interesting new insights into the fighting and the decisions made by the Allied commanders and by their German counterparts. He sheds light on the German surrender of Bergen op Zoom and reviews the Battle of Kapelsche Veer. The fighting in North Brabant created an emotional bond with Canada that is still very much alive.

Paperback, 76 pages, Illustrated, maps, special import

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