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The Roommate of Anne Frank The Roommate of Anne Frank

by van der Zee, Nanda

In the autumn of 1987, a small bundle containing photographs and newspaper clippings once belonging to Charlotte Kaletta, was found at the Amsterdam flea market by an employee of the well-known Anne Frank Foundation. This sensational discovery led to another set of photographs and letters among the belongings of Kaletta, a prominent character in the WWII diary of Anne Frank. This material, including personal correspondence of Kaletta, came into the hands of well-known Dutch historian Nanda van der Zee who recreated the story of Kaletta and her lover Pfeffer. The book, De Kamergenoot van Anne Frank, was published in The Netherlands in 1990, and is now also available in English. The author corrects the image Anne Frank gave Pfeffer, in essence rehabilitates him. It is a valuable supplement to the ‘Diary’ and a correction of what we knew about Pfeffer until this book. The most significant value however, lies in the author’s underlying message: that war has a total, senseless and destructive effect on everybody.

Paperback, 94 pages, Illustrated, special import.

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