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From Leningrad to Berlin From Leningrad to Berlin

Dutch volunteers in the service of the German Waffen-SS 1941-1945

by Pierik, Perry

When in June 1941 Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, the elite guard division SS appealed to young men in occupied areas to join the crusade against Bolshevism by enlisting in its army unit Waffen-SS. At least 20,000 Dutchmen heeded the call. The vast majority of them served in what was first called the legion, later the brigade, and later still the ‘Nederland’ division. The main sources used for this history book were documents such as unit diaries and Berlin-generated paperwork on Dutch volunteers. The history of Dutch volunteers in the Waffen-SS forms a black, and until now, undocumented page in Dutch history. A $47.95 value. NOW on sale!

Paperback, 287 pages, Illustrated, maps, notes, bibliography, special import

USD 22.95 / CAD 29.95

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