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The History of Germany's V-Weapons in World War II

by Benjamin King & Timothy Kutta

Hitlers "robot bombs" wreaked havoc on Allied population centres and forced massive counter measures and the diversion of important resources from the battlefront. The authors make a convincing case that during the last year of WWII, when little eslse was going right the the Nazis, the V-weapon campaign was an outstanding success. Aside from a "rain " of terror on southern England and Belguim, the Vs caused a reallocation of Allied resouces, paricualarly air popwer, out of all proportion to their numbers. On the ground, the Vs may have been the primary reason Market Garden was allowed to take place. This intensely researched book overturns many of the myths about the V-weapons by tracing their development under pressure, their employment in combat, and the massive effect their existece had on operations.

Hardcover, 384 pages, 16 pages of illustrations, index, bibliography, notes. Limited supply

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