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The Vitality of Reformed Faith The Vitality of Reformed Faith

Proceedings of the International Theological Congress

by Batteau, drs. J.M., Maris, dr. J.W., Veling, dr. K., editors

Reformed theology today seems to be subject to contrary developments. In some cases the influence of modernist theological currents is increasing, in other cases the interest in classic Reformed theology is growing noticeably. The lectures at the 1994 congress covered the aims and method of Reformed dogmatics, the authority of Scripture as a prerequisite for Reformed theology, Reformed theology in its relation to the congregation, and the responsibility of the Christian church in modern society. Contributors are Prof. R.B. Gaffin (Philadelphia, USA), Prof. J. van Bruggen (Kampen, the Netherlands), Prof. W.D. Jonker (Stellenbosch, South Africa), Prof. S. Bong-ho (Seoul, South Korea), Prof. J.W. Maris (Apeldoorn, the Netherlands), Prof. P. Wells (Aix-enProvence, France), Prof. C. Graham (Edinburgh, Scotland) and Dr. C.T. Rabali (Sibasa, South Africa).

Paperback, 178 pages, bibliography

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