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Netherlanders in America Netherlanders in America

A Study of Emigration and Settlement in the 19th & 20th Centuries in the United States of America

by Van Hinte, Jacob

The first general study of 19th Century Dutch presence in the U.S.A. after some 90 years still rates as one of the very best. A social geography and history teacher in the Netherlands, van Hinte in the mid 1920’s trekked through the U.S.S.visiting Dutch communities and immigrants for his originally 2-volume work “Nederlanders in Amerika.” Translated into English under the guidance of Professor Adriaan de Wit, with historian Robert P. Swierenga serving as General Editor, the by then classic book was made available to North Americans in the early 1980s. The huge book includes an introductory section on the “old Dutch;” the 17th century Dutch colonial settlement and their history. Van Hinte provides the local setting for the numerous Dutch communities, details how they often blossomed into clusters, covering wide areas, and how and why some others failed miserably. The Dutch subculture for decades as sustained by a scala of books and newspapers. Van Hinte also relates the involvement of American party politics and why in several places the democrats lost their initial Dutch voters’ block. A US$50 book priced with a sharp pen! See also the book The American Diary of Jacob Van Hinte.

Hardcover, 1157 pages, illustrations, maps charts, extensive notes’ section, bibliography and index, (43 pages of family names). Exclusive. Time limited offer: Order two copies and receive THREE!

USD 34.95 / CAD 44.95

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