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Stefan Derksen’s Polar Adventure Stefan Derksen’s Polar Adventure

by Prins, Piet

One of the sailors who was a good shot, decided to try and shoot the bear while the man was still in the wobbly boat. Because his footing was unsteady, he almost missed. The injured polar bear, enraged with pain, threw itself into the sea and swam toward the boat. The sailor shot again, but now the gun misfired. It only seemed seconds, and the angry animal had laid its front paws on the edge of the boat and tried to climb in. Follow Stefan’s adventure aboard the whaling ship the Sea Dragon. Hunting whales, encountering ferocious polar bears, storms and fog, dealing with sickness and hunger, floating adrift and shipwrecked, all become part of Stefan Derksen’s Polar adventure. It is an adventure full of surprise. Will Stefan ever return home again and see his mother?

Paperback, 237 pages, illustrated

USD 11.95 / CAD 14.95

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