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Zuiderkruis Zuiderkruis

Dutch Heritage Ceramic Wall Plaque

by Heppner, Sheldon, design

NOW SOLD OUT - This exclusive Delft blue-style wall plaque makes a great gift, specifically for immigration anniversaries, reunions and family gatherings. Built in 1944 as a WWII convertable freighter of the Victory class it was first turned into a trooptransportship after the Dutch government purchased this redundant ship in 1947 and renamed her Zuiderkruis. In 1951 it was rebuilt as an immigrant ship. It made its maiden voyage from Rotterdam to Quebec City in July 1951. Various Zuiderkruis passengers contributed their recollections to the book To All Our Children.

The Project I Remember welcomes the participation of Dutch immigrant families and others who crossed the Atlantic Ocean aboard the Zuiderkruis by adding diaries, recollections, and photographs to the immigration memory project.

The 6"x6" (15cmx15cm) plaques have protective cork feet for surface use and a hanger for display on walls. They are packaged and shipped in styrofoam-lined boxes. These plaques can be found throughout North America at thousands of Dutch immigrant homes.

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