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An Amicable Friendship An Amicable Friendship

Een Aengenaeme Vrientschap

by Krijff, Jan Th.J.

What is known about the representatives of the Netherlands in early Canada? Very little! This book fills that void and more. It rates as one of the best researched books of the Dutch involved in early Canada, when the country was opened up. It includes little known histories such as a Dutch naval invasion of Acadia and the completion of the CPR being made possible by Dutch financiers. An appealing collection of information for all Dutch communities and families as a preservation of their European and early North-American culture in Canada, immigration to the USA and former ties to Europe. A welcome addition to the history of the Dutch in Canada.

Paperback, 320 pages, Rare photographs supported by schedules, charts, index, bibliography.

USD 18.95 / CAD 24.95

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