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I Belong Teacher's Manual I Belong Teacher's Manual

A course of study on the Heidelberg Catechism

by Visscher, Dr. James

The aim of this course of study on the Heidelberg Catechism is to provide the students with a foundational knowledge of the Heidelberg Catechism on which they will be able to build all their life; to familiarize the students with the background, structure, character, and contents of the Heidelberg Catechism; to urge the students to make the catechetical truth, which is biblical truth, their own; to allow the students to own these truths so they shape their conduct, strengthen their commitment, and direct their endeavours in all areas of life.

Paperback, 168 pages, Laminated cover, format of regular binder, coil bound. Ideal for catechism class instruction and home schooling.

USD 12.95 / CAD 15.95

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