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The Big Goose and The Little White Duck The Big Goose and The Little White Duck

by De Jong, Meindert

The boy wanted to buy the big gray goose and the little white duck as birthday presents for his mother. But he was short one dollar, which he had to coax from his grandfather by saying that the goose was to be roasted for Grandpa's eighty-eighth birthday next spring. After all, Grandpa would never have parted with a dollar for a useless pet goose. The big goose loved the boy's mother at once, and she loved him. But Grandpa was angry about the trick that had been played on him. He refused the take the dollar back and swore he'd eat the goose next spring. The boy and his mother hoped that the goose would prove himself useful in some way, so that Grandpa would change his mind. But for a long time it was touch and go. This story of how the goose became a hero and earned a permanent place on the farm for himself and his friend the duck is full of warmth, humour, and insight that have made the author's name synonymous with storytelling 'magic'. All ages.

Paperback, 176 pages, illustrated

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