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Children and the Lord's Supper Children and the Lord's Supper

by Waters, Guy Prentiss and Duncan, Ligon, editors

What age is it okay for a child to partake in the Lord's Supper? This book takes a constructive look at the doctrine of paedo-communion as defined: "as the admittance of a covenant child to the Lord's Supper on the basis of his descent from at least one professing Christian parent." Looking at this doctrine, these essays will provide food for thought across the various disciplines such as Biblical, Theological, historical and pastoral. It will be a guide as you seek to explore this key pastoral issue.

Pastors and elders are shepherds of the hearts and souls of their people. Parents are shepherds of the hearts and souls of their children. All shepherds have a significant stake in this consideration of whether covenant children should participate in the Lord's Supper prior to making their own public profession of faith. Are shepherds hurting the children by keeping them from coming to Christ if they keep them from participating in the Supper or are they helping and protecting the children by pointing them to Christ before they participate in the Supper? I believe the latter and I am grateful for this careful Biblical consideration of the issue. - Robert C. Cannada, Chancellor Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary

Like an unending case of the "terrible two's," infant communion advocacy stubbornly persists in many Reformed churches. Finally we have a single resource to counter the scope of exegetical, biblico-theological, historical, systematic, and practical arguments proffered by paedo-communion proponents. Honest, persuasive, yet irenic, this compilation of essays puts to bed infant communion's errant theologizing and exposes the ecclesiologically hazardous results of its practice. But the authors have done much more than polemicize. They have served a positively edifying and nourishing meal for the Church on the theology and practice of the Lord's Table. I heartily recommend partaking in Children and the Lord's Supper. David B. Garner, Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia

Paperback, 240 pages, notes, nine contributors: Beeke, Joel R., Duguid, Ian, Duncan, Ligon, Estelle, Brian, Knight III, George W., Needham, Nick, Thomas, Derek W.H.,Venema, Cornelis P., and Waters, Guy Prentiss.

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