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Jeanette Li Jeanette Li

A Girl Born Facing Outside

by Li, Jeanette

Through tumults of civil war, foreign occupation, and personal tragedy, the Word of God prospered through this dedicated woman. Jeanette Li was ever ready to proclaim the gospel, despite suffering at the hand of Communist China. This autobiography deftly illustrates God's supreme love, protection, and provision amidst affliction.

“Jeanette Li is unlike me. She lived in a different time, on another continent, facing separation and persecution (from family and foes alike) that I have never known. But we are alike in one thing: we both are sisters in Christ. Her book inspired me as only the words of an older sibling can. Her antics as a child made me laugh; her logical and calm retelling of the gospel made me consider my own evangelistic efforts; and her raw persistence in the face of sickness, uncertainty, emotional abandonment, and sheer pain inspired me to live a life worthy of Christ, no matter the cost. Jeanette Li's autobiography certainly is unlike anything I've read before; it is foreign, uncomfortable, and pushed my faith in God's work. It pushed me to want to be like her, insofar as she is like Christ. I hope it will do the same for you. - Becca Byers from Wilkinsburg, PA

Paperback, 321 pages, Illustrated, timeline, brief of 20th century China

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