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Eight Prison Camps Eight Prison Camps

A Dutch Family in Japanese Java

by Wendelaar Bonga, Dieuwke

Eldest daughter of eight children, the author was raised in a teacherís family in Surakarta, Java, in what is now Indonesia. The family was segregated when the occupying Japanese authorities imprisoned her father and a brother in menís camps, sending the author, her mother and five younger siblings to a women's camp, from where they were bounced around from camp to camp. In seven subsequent camps, their lives gradually deteriorated from early days of fear and crowding to a near starvation existence, forced labour, beatings, and watching others just disappear or die. It took the author fifty years, before she found the courage to write of her life as 'guest' of the Emperor.

Paperback, 219 pages, Illustrations, glossary, included are stories about Camps Dibbits, Sumowono, Ambarawa, Muntilan, Banjubiru, Fort Willem, Irene, and repatriation to the Netherlands on the ship Alcantara.

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