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Loving Your Friend through Cancer Loving Your Friend through Cancer

Moving beyond

by Henley, Marissa

“It’s cancer.” When you hear the two words you dread most from someone you care about, you know at once that your friend’s life has been turned upside down. Whether she’s a good friend, a best friend, or just an acquaintance, you want to be supportive. But how can you understand what she’s going through enough to know what she needs? What can you say besides “If you need anything—anything at all . . .”? A good question! A cancer survivor herself, the author lets you in on what having cancer feels like and what your friend truly needs. She prepares you to support your friend with both knowledge and compassion. And she offers specific action steps and practical support resources to help you show love in the day-to-day details. Cancer is a life-altering challenge—but this book will equip and empower you to walk alongside your friend with love and support. Endorsements “This will now be the first place I’ll go as I seek to care for people with not only cancer, but any serious illness. Marissa’s practical helps are worth the price of the book.” —Dave Furman, author, Kiss the Wave: Embracing God in Your Trials “Our friend’s cancer diagnosis provides an opportunity for us to . . . share the love of Christ by being his hands and feet and entering into their suffering.?. . . It is a journey worth taking, and this book is an excellent travel guide.” —Brian Holt, president and CEO, Hope Cancer Resources “Anyone who’s been touched by cancer, to any degree, will be helped and comforted by this beautiful book. Marissa addresses a difficult, life- changing battle with eloquence, truth, and intense practicality.” —Kristen Wetherell, coauthor, Hope When It Hurts

Paperback, 264 pages, , notes, bibliography, index, questions for reflections, suggestions for action, a series of practical resources

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