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Answering Islam, 2nd Edition Answering Islam, 2nd Edition

The Crescent in Light of the Cross

by Geisler, Norman L. ; Saleeb, Abdul

What are the fundamental beliefs of Islam and how can Christians respond to them? This book evaluates the claims of orthodox Islam and examines the evidence for the Christian counterclaim, preparing you with strong apologetic answers. This revised edition contains more resources and updated information throughout. Endorsements "This book is a must for everyone concerned about defending the Christian faith. Dr. Geisler and his coauthor, a former Muslim, have given one of the most comprehensive expositions and most complete evaluations of Islam in print." -Josh McDowell, author, Evidence That Demands a Verdict "Answering Islam is a valuable tool for those wrestling with the theological barriers that separate one billion Muslims from personal faith in Jesus Christ." -Patrick Cate, president, International Missions, Inc. "The Muslim presence in the United States continues to grow. It is important that we have a clearly written and fairly presented statement of what Muslims believe and how we as Christians may present the claims of Christ to them in a persuasive and loving way." -Ronald Nash, Reformed Theological Seminary "This book is a theological masterpiece, the most lucid and comprehensive theological analysis and critique of Islam from a Christian perspective I have ever seen. It is invaluable as a tool for understanding the most serious religious challenge to Christianity in the modern world." -R. C. Sproul, Ligonier Ministries

Paperback, 366 pages, notes, bibliography, index of Qur’anic Suras, index of persons, index of subjects

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