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The Cross and Christian Ministry, Repackaged Edition The Cross and Christian Ministry, Repackaged Edition

Leadership Lessons from 1 Corinthians

by Carson, D.A.

Is the cross truly the center of your ministry? Today the cross is sanitized. It adorns churches, dangles from necklaces, gleams from lapels. Yet in the first century the cross was a grotesque and abhorrent image, a symbol of evil, torture, and shame. Which of these is the cross that calls us to Christian ministry? The one made of shiny precious metals? Or the one fashioned of rough wood and stained with the blood of Christ? In this book, the author explains what the death of Christ means for ministry and why the focus of ministry must be on what is central, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through his exposition of 1 Corinthians, Carson explores the issues of factionalism, servant-leadership, and shaping "world" Christians in order to present principles for dynamic, cross-centered worship that compel us to share the Good News.

Paperback, 156 pages, notes, questions for review and reflection

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