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Should We Leave Our Churches Should We Leave Our Churches

A Biblical Response to Harold Camping

by Talbot, Mark R.; Duncan III, J. Ligon

Radio preacher Harold Camping (1921–2013), co-founder of the Family Radio Network, announced a “prophetic novelty”: he believed that the church age had come to an end. Camping claimed that God was no longer blessing local churches, and that all Christians should leave their congregations. What exactly was Camping saying? How should Christians respond to such advice? Here J. Ligon Duncan and Mark R. Talbot refute such ‘advice’ and clearly discuss what the Bible says about the church. “Christ has not, nor will he ever, abandon his bride (the church),” Duncan and Talbot write. Endorsements: "Harold Camping has arisen amidst the flock, speaking perverse things, drawing away the sheep after himself. This fine response will help the reader to understand the issues and the only proper biblical response to Camping's flights of eisegetical fancy." —James White; "Camping's teaching on the end of the church age is a poisonous heresy. This book is the perfect antidote. It will help people who have encountered Camping to understand why his teaching is false. More positively, it explains the true nature of the church and the way God uses it for our spiritual good. An ideal book to read and to share with others." —Philip Graham Ryken.

Paperback, 64 pages, Notes.

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