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Following the Ways of the Word

by Nielson, Kathleen Buswell

What is Bible study, anyway? The answers are many and diverse! Is it the same thing as just reading through the Bible, or does true Bible study involve treating it differently from any other book? Here the author calls laypeople interested in Bible study to the crucial starting points and approaches that the Bible itself demands. She not only analyzes current trends, but also points the way forward, toward the most fruitful and powerful study we can have of God’s inspired Word. Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word winsomely highlights not a rigid set of methods, but a clear approach to Bible study—one that acknowledges the Scripture for what it is and faithfully enables us to take in the very words of God and submit ourselves to them. It examines just what Bible study should involve, according to the truths and principles given to us in the Bible itself. So come and learn what Bible study truly is and should be, and let this book be a help to you as you follow the ways of the Word! Endorsements: "Kathleen Nielson wants all Christians to be involved in thoughtful and faithful Bible study—and tells us how to do it." —D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; "Nielson gives her readers a fresh and innovative, yet solid and God-glorifying approach, to unlocking the truths of Scripture . . . by reading God’s words in order to ask what God is saying and how one should respond to Him." —Dorothy Patterson, General Editor, The Woman's Study Bible; "The book cannot be better than it is . . . it covers all the right topics in exactly the right order! For people who teach the Bible—or who aspire to teach it—this book will be the gold standard for knowing how to do it right.” —Leland Ryken, Professor of English, Wheaton College.

Paperback, 208 pages, Notes, Genre-Specific Study Questions.

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