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God's Design God's Design

by Michael, Sally; Steward, Gary

This full-color guide teaches children about Godís design for men and women. In easy-to-understand language, parents will be able to teach their children how God made us in his image, how sin distorts Godís good design, and how they can pursue godly manhood and womanhood. Each chapter explores what the Bible teaches about husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, marriage and singleness, and more. As children discover the beauty in Godís design, they will learn to be thankful for how they are made and to glorify God in how they treat others of the same and different gender. Each chapter includes application questions and activities. Endorsements: "Has God made you a boy? That is a good gift! Has God made you a girl? That is a good gift! God is all wise, and his plans are all good. We can trust his design, and we must embrace it in order to grow in God-honoring masculinity and femininity. These essential truths propel the authorsí excellent book ďGodís DesignĒ. They have written a user-friendly, Scripture-saturated guidebook to help parents to teach their children about being created male and female, in language that is easy for young children to understand, while still challenging older children and even parents to embrace Godís plan for their gender with joy and thanksgiving. This is an essential resource for Christian families in an increasingly sexualized and gender confused culture." óCandice Watters, Author, Start Your Family: Inspiration for Having Babies.

Paperback, 120 pages, Richly illustrated, full-color design. Series Ľ Making Him Known

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