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The Family at Church The Family at Church

Listening to Sermons and Attending Prayer Meetings

by Beeke, Joel R.

This book contains guidance on two important areas of family life. First, it explains how we should prepare our families for public worship. Second, it addresses the subject of prayer meetings, their importance and the scriptural warrant for them. The author's approach involves a sketch of the past uses of such practices and a detailed exposition, in such a way, that the reader can apply it to everyday living. This book will help a family focus the Sabbath wherein it can truly be a delight to the soul. Endorsement: "In The Family at Church, Dr. Beeke has given us valuable and judicious advice about listening to preaching and the need for corporate prayer... This book is more of the same; rich in pastoral advice, timely in biblical focus, and warm in fervent exhortation." - Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas;

Paperback, 80 pages, notes, Scripture index

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