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Bible Studies on Genesis 1-11 Bible Studies on Genesis 1-11

by Vander Hart, Mark

The lessons in this book were prepared, not to repeat the many things that have been said before, but to review what we know and to think again about material in the Bible we do not know (or do not know that well). First, when Moses wrote by inspiration what we call Genesis 1-11, he was already writing about Christ (see John 5:46). Second, Genesis 1-11 clearly reveals the reality of God's kingdom, i.e., His sovereign rule over everything, a rule in grace and judgment. Third, God carries out this sovereign rule historically in the manner of a covenant, a life relationship with those whom God chooses for His good pleasure. Christ, the Kingdom of God, and His covenant-these are basic to the Bible and in evidence from the start. The reader will see this worked out in the various lessons.

Paperback, 186 pages, All 18 chapters conclude with points to ponder and discuss.

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