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With a Shepherd's Heart With a Shepherd's Heart

Reclaiming the Pastoral Office of Elder

by Sittema, John R.

Many and also influential voices issue urgent calls to re-engineer today's church to meet their contemporary, cultural standards. While the challenge to connect a gospel ministry to this culture is enormous, it is not God's design for the church, one with (a) minister(s), elders and deacons. Comments Harry L. Reeder about this book, "One of the most crucial elements in God's design for the church is elders who have been equipped and empowered to 'shepherd the flock of God.' They are called to oversee not only the policies and process of a church, but more importantly the people who actually are the church. For many years we have used this book -a marvelous and faithful distillation of biblical truth- to train our elders. It has also been used to redeem the office and function of elders from the sterility of a board of directors to the joy of nurturing and shepherding the people of God with the Word of God by the power of the Spirit of God."

Paperback, 271 pages, Notes, Twenty case studies, Assignments for group study and discussion

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