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Indonesian Cuisine Indonesian Cuisine

Selamat Makan

by van de Weerdt - Schieffelers, Esly

Food and its preparation are an integral part of the lives of the Indonesian people. Cooking is a time of community and celebration, and recipes, techniques and traditions are handed down from one generation to the next. Esly’s book helps her (North American) readers to preserve these recipe traditions, and to rediscover them when they have been lost through the process of immigration, and acculturalization to the new environment in North America or elsewhere. For many others this is the opportunity to finally get an authorative cook book that adds depth to the Indonesian cuisine. An introduction to the best of the Indonesian archipelago.

Hardcover, 160 pages, with jacket. ISBN 0-9663787-0-9. Numerous dishes in full colour photo pages, summary of spices, U.S. standard measures, Indonesian - English glossary, index. Vanderheide owns Pulido's inventory of this title and welcomes inquiries from wholesalers and resellers. Ideal book to promote the Indonesian / formerly Dutch East Indies food traditions.

USD 18.95 / CAD 24.95

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