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The Fehrs The Fehrs

Four centuries of Mennonite Migration

by Kouwenhoven, Arlette

This book is 'it' for anyone interested in the history of the Mennonite community and its Dutch roots. It is widely known that the community is named after the Dutch/Frisian church reformer Menno Simonsz but what about specific Mennonite families? The Fehr clan can stop wondering. This book's author traces the clan to 16th-century Dutch grain merchant Gijsbert de Veer, a member of Amsterdam's conservative Old Flemish pursuasion with connections to Danzig (Gdansk), Poland. An anthropologist, the author followed the trail of De Veer's descendants by visiting Poland, Ukraine and the Russian steppes, the prairies in Canada, the USA and in the Mexican desert where they go by surnames such as De Veer, Fehr, DeFehr and Defehr. The author details the continual challenges clan members faced as they moved from country to country in search for an environment in which there would an accommodation for their faith and beliefs.

Paperback, 264 pages, Illustrated with a photograph section, bibliography, notes, index

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