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Calvin and the Reformed Tradition Calvin and the Reformed Tradition

On the Work of Christ and the Order of Salvation

by Muller, Richard A.

The author, a widely recognized authority on the Reformation era, examines the relationship of Calvin's theology to the Reformed tradition, indicating Calvin's place in the tradition as one of several significant second-generation formulators. He argues that the Reformed tradition is a diverse and variegated movement not well described either as founded solely on the thought of John Calvin or as a reaction to or deviation from Calvin, thereby setting aside the old "Calvin and the Calvinists" approach in favor of a more integral and representative perspective. In his book, the author offers historical corrective and nuance on topics of current interest in Reformed theology, such as limited atonement/universalism, union with Christ, and the order of salvation. "Calvin and the Reformed Tradition is a masterful and penetrating look into critical dimensions of Calvin's soteriology in relation to the Reformed tradition. Richard Muller presents here the fruit of decades of careful research into sixteenth- and seventeenth-century sources. Sometimes he gives us a satellite view of conflicting master narratives in retelling Reformation and post-Reformation theology. At other times he gives us a microscopic view of specific texts in Calvin's works, carefully analyzed in their context. At every turn he calls scholars to careful definition of terms and the avoidance of imposing anachronisms on early modern writers. Students of historical theology with an interest in matters such as the divine intent of Christ's death, the free offer of the gospel, the will of God for salvation, union with Christ, and the relation of assurance of salvation to the fruit of the Spirit will find this book challenging, illuminating, and helpful." - Joel R. Beeke, president, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Paperback, 288 pages, notes, index,

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