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Tributes to John Calvin Tributes to John Calvin

A Celebration of His Quincentenary

by Hall, David W., Editor

The essays in this book illuminate Calvin’s times, thought and legacy, and provide a celebratory tribute to one of the most influential people in history. This volume commemorates the quincentenary of Calvin’s birth, its actual date is July 10, 1509, and attests to the remarkable fact that the teachings of this French-born theologian and church reformer, who hailed from a tiny village, remain very relevant half a millennium later. Twenty-three leading Calvin scholars, including Albert Mohler, Hughes Oliphant Old and Herman J. Selderhuis, examine Calvin’s era, theology, and the heritage he bequeathed the Church. Their articles cover Calvin’s theology, soteriology, and ecclesiology, as well as his doctrines of assurance, worship, and Scripture. They further explore Calvin as a Frenchman, lawyer, and liturgist and survey his impact on the arts, Calvinism in Asia, and the influential women in Calvin’s life.

Hardcover, 592 pages, lists Original Schedule of Calvin500 Tribute Conference, Index of Scripture, Index of Subjects and Names, list of contributors,

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