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Reclaiming Calvin's Doctrine of the Lord's Supper

by Mathison, Keith A.

"The primary purpose of this book is to introduce, explain, and defend a particular doctrine of the Lordís Supper ó the doctrine taught by John Calvin and most of the sixteenth-century Reformed confessions. This is not the doctrine that is taught in most Reformed churches today. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, two distinct views of the Lordís Supper gained some measure of confessional authority in the Reformed church. The first view traces its roots to John Calvin, while the second traces its roots to Ulrich Zwingliís successor Heinrich Bullinger. Zwingliís own strictly memorialist view was generally disowned by the Reformed churches and confessions of the sixteenth century. However, from the seventeenth century onward, it has gradually become the dominant view in the Reformed church. It is the thesis of this book that the gradual adoption of Zwingliís doctrine has been a move away from the biblical and Reformed view of the Lordís Supper. It is the thesis of this book that Calvinís doctrine of the Lordís Supper is the biblical doctrine, the basic doctrine of the sixteenth century Reformed churches, and the doctrine that should be reclaimed and proclaimed in the Reformed church today." Ö a a genuine Ďmust readí book Ö. - R. C. Sproul

Paperback, 376 pages, Bibliography, Index of Scripture and Early Christian Literature, Index of Subjects and Names,

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