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The War in the Corner The War in the Corner

Chronicle of a village in wartime Netherlands

by Braakman, Jan

The Eastern Dutch village of Laren (in the Achterhoek of Gelderland) was liberated by Canadian troops in April 1945, in a series of events—personal biographies, really—chronicled by journalist Jan Braakman in his book The War in the Corner. Tying together this biography of Laren and its inhabitants under the cloud of the Second World War is the betrayal to collaborators of Braakman’s grandfather Hendrik Jan Koeslag, and the story of his subsequent death. In his book, the author details daring acts of resistance by local residents, who helped the Dutch, the Jews, and even the Germans while trying to carry on with their own lives. This becomes increasingly challenging as the Allies push the Germans back and British Intelligence officers parachute into this strategic region of the Netherlands to prepare the way for the liberation. The book also shows the difficulties civilians experienced to keep Allied airmen, who survived aerial battles and downed plane crashes, out of the hands of the German occupiers till Canadian troops liberated farm after farm in hard-fought battles.

Paperback, 211 pages, illustrated, list of local casualties, bibliography, index

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