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The Anglo-Russian Entente Cordiale of 1697-1698 The Anglo-Russian Entente Cordiale of 1697-1698

Peter I and William III at Utrecht

by Baranay, George

Finding rare historic documents makes life exciting for researchers. Such was the case for this author, when his eye was caught by handwritten document in Scottish archives: Czar of Muscovys Speech when he met King William at Utrecht. The speech was delivered at an encounter which took place during the last phase of the peace negotiation on the eve of the signing of the Treaty of Ryswick (Rijswijk) in which Louis XIV of France agreed to recognize the Prince of Orange and Stadtholder of the United Dutch Republic as King of England, ending a nine-year general European war. The book offers insight in an era in which powers in Europe were realigned and Russia (Moscovy) emerged.

Hardcover, 101 pages, Illustrated with pages of documents, notes, with dust jacket

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