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Grijs geheugen 631 plaatsen Grijs geheugen 631 plaatsen

De geschiedenis van Nederland en Vlaanderen in 631 plaatsen

by Vandenbroucke, Dieter, & de Weijer, J.

The authors aim to generate interest in Dutch and Flemish history by building up knowledge of facts about dates, names and places. This book is the third one of a three-volume series on the distant past of the Netherlands and Flanders, roughly the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. The concept of 'Grijs geheugen' (literally Grey Memory) has a double meaning. 'Grijs' could suggest foggy, distant but is in fact one of the pennames (Stoker, Raoul Chapkis and Battus are the others) for Dutch columnist and information scholar Hugo Brandt Corstius, who introduces this list of places, geheugen, in this book. This volume lists alphabetically 631 villages, towns and cities which played a role in Dutch and Flemish history, including Diksmuide, Franeker, Jakarta, Kortrijk, Nieuwpoort, Paramaribo, Spa, Wageningen and Zuilen. There is a thumbnail history of all these places.

Paperback, 215 pages, Dutch language, special import

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