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Bellen voor de vrijheid Bellen voor de vrijheid

Illegale telefoonverbindingen in WO II

by Hogesteeger, G., & Korving, R.A.

There is one Dutch secret the Nazis never discovered during the occupation of the Netherlands (1940-1945). It was a secret as well to nearly Dutch people, allowing the resistance movement to use this system undetected. What system? The country's second telephone system! It was actually a quilt of systems, which partially relied on the larger public system of the PTT, the internal system for its personnel and that of other telephone private companies. Its existence was never revealed before the authors researched this untold detail of the resistance movement. The book is based on rare documents and many interviews. This alternative phone system operated for a while yet after WWII had ended.

Paperback, 115 pages, Dutch language, Special import,

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