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Queen Beatrix ‘among ten richest heads of state’

Forbes magazine estimates

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WASHINGTON - Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is ranked tenth on a list of the world’s wealthiest heads of state as compiled by Forbes magazine. The list is controversial, since no actual figures or financial details are known about any of the ranked monarchs and presidents.

According to the magazine, known for its multitude of such lists of individuals and companies, Queen Beatrix has an estimated worth of $270 million. This would represent investments, art collections, real estate and other such personal assets. The Dutch monarch ranks lower than Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who has estimated assets of $500 million.

At the top of Forbes list are a number of kings and sheiks from oil-rich Gulf States. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia reportedly is worth $21 billion and, according to Forbes, is by far the richest monarch in the world, followed by Brunei’s king and other Gulf potentates.

Having amassed fortunes in a ‘different way’ is the Communist leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro. Forbes Magazine estimates his personal wealth at $900 million. Last year, the President was upset at his being ranked among the world’s wealthiest, when Forbes pegged his fortune at $550 million.