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Liberation events attended by over 750,000 people

Queen attends closing concert

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AMSTERDAM - The 60th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands was celebrated throughout the country on May 5. Festivities included numerous parades, concerts, art performances, exhibitions and other community celebrations. Festivals and programs with the central theme ‘It is an art to share freedom’ were held in all twelve provincial capitals and in the country’s capital Amsterdam.

Other poignant celebrations of 60 Years Freedom included the parades of WWII veterans from Canada, England, Poland, and the U.S. in a number of Dutch cities. Especially the attendance of about 1,700 elderly Canadian war veterans gave an added dimension to these events.

Over 750,000 people attended the various festivals. A song ‘ In Freedom,’ composed by Dutch pop singer Thé Lau, was played throughout the country, with the artist flying by helicopter to a number of events to perform his song. Other artists, bands and groups performed ‘In Freedom’ as well that day.

The celebrations on May 5, Liberation Day, culminated with the customary evening concert in Amsterdam, which was attended by Queen Beatrix, and others members of the royal family. The orchestra of the Royal Dutch Air Force performed a special musical program from a pontoon in the Amstel River in front of the well-known Carré Theater.

The concert began and ended with the song ‘We'll meet again,’ made famous during the war by British singer Vera Lynn.