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Manitoba judge orders fraudulent Dutch-Canadian extradited from Canada

Wille bilked immigrants out of farm capital

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WINNIPEG, Manitoba - A self-proclaimed immigration facilitator for Dutch farmers wanting to relocate to Canada but who left to trail of unhappy clients - some of whom totally destitute after dealing with him - has been ordered extradited to the Netherlands by a Manitoba judge to serve his sentence in a Dutch jail. He is awaiting deportation in a Winnipeg remand centre. Dirk Wille was convicted by a Dutch court in 1990 for incidents which occurred between 1982 and 1984, nearly a decade after he had come to Canada.

Wille’s request for leave to appeal the lower court’s decision was rejected for having no merit. Also a request for bail was refused. Wille, a Canadian citizen, still could try to delay his deportation by appealing to the minister of justice. He could be removed from Canada anytime.

The case, among others, involves an Ontario couple - the Verbooms - who in the 1980s when still living in Streefkerk, the Netherlands was convinced by Wille that he could help them and their colleagues resettle in Manitoba. Wille obtained power of attorney from the Verbooms who say they relied on what they thought was independent advice of an area notary. According to the Verbooms, the notary was later found to be partial and working on behalf of Wille.

The immigration facilitator sold some of Verboom’s cattle for a down-payment on a Manitoba farm but the Verbooms never received their farm or saw the money returned although in 1986 they won a lawsuit against Wille who then declared bankruptcy, claiming he was unable to pay. The Verbooms eventually got back into farming in Northern Ontario.

After the Verbooms disentangled themselves emotionally from Wille and his former wife, they pursued criminal action, leading to Wille’s conviction after a trial in absentia before a Dutch court.

In addition to Verboom and colleagues - all three lost money - there are a number of others who also are looking for money from Wille. The amounts are believed to run into the millions.

Wille meanwhile on an Internet website advertises annual Dutch veterans’ reunions in Las Vegas, Nevada. A website link takes browsers to another webpage offering a ‘ground floor opportunity’ with Wille as coordinator of The Canadian Stores venture. The ‘9-year old company’, Canam Marketing, Inc., according to Wille is about to ‘launch a revolutionary new marketing plan’ in the beverage market.