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Former banker still on RCM Police missing people list

Masee invested in Hofman's "Ponzi" scheme

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NORTH VANCOUVER, British Columbia - The disappearance of former Bank of Montreal account manager, Alkmaar-born Nick Masee and his second wife (Lisa) Mo Yin Ho continues to baffle his Dutch-Canadian friends. Masee had been a stock promoter for seven months, when he and his wife on August 10, 1994 failed to return home from a dinner meeting with an unknown potential investor. The couple was reported missing the following day.

As a private banking account manager for Vancouver's 'rich and famous,' Masee also rubbed elbows and made friends with high-profile stock promoters of the often maligned Vancouver Stock Exchange. As a promoter, Masee landed a directorship with Turbodyne Technologies, a publicly traded company at the time.

Although a banker for over three decades, Masee nevertheless had some involvement in the late 1980s with now fugitive and wanted accountant Fred S. Hofman with whom he 'invested' some money. RCM Police call Hofman's investment vehicles nothing but a "Ponzi" scheme where payments to investors are made from money solicited from new 'investor' victims. Masee also introduced Hofman to an American who later sued the fugitive accountant for US$3 million, the largest of all court-registered claims. Before his disappearance, Masee served on various boards in the (Dutch) community.

The RCMP Serious Crime Section welcomes any information about the Masees. See also '