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At 50th Company Anniversary Focus now on Books

Langley, BC, Book Shop a Resource Centre

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill Immigration Genealogy History

The printed word remains the focus of the company's activities, but now it is mainly books instead that of a newspaper. The final issue of The Windmill Herald was published back in August 2012 but shipments of books continue to come and go as Vanderheide Publishing Co. Ltd. celebrates its 50th Anniversary at its Langley, BC, book shop this month, May 2019.
The publishing company was founded in 1969 when its principal purchased a small local Dutch immigrant publication, which then was published monthly. The new format which focused on news from the old country had gained support from across the continent by 2012.
A mail order book department with a warehouse was added in 1994. The online bookshop was added soon after. The company's former newspaper office now serves as a bookshop and as a resource centre to the Reformed Christian community.
For the past twenty years, Vanderheide also has offered a book table service for events in the wider community, taking its selections of books throughout the region when time permits.