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Dutch sausage makers land Eurocup in near perfect win

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VOORST Dutch master butcher Frits Aalpoel and his team recently captured the Confrerie des Chevaliers trophy by pushing aside their German competitors at the European Butcher Championships. The Aalpoel team from the central Dutch village of Voorst scored a perfect ten 49 times and once a near perfect nine for a 99.8 percent average, enough to claim the 25 kilogram Eurocup. The Aalpoels breached a near German hegemony of the European sausage maker trade. The Aalpoels acknowledge that German sausage makers have long dominated the trade with superb knowledge and a long tradition. In the Netherlands, the Aalpoels have a similar reputation. About a century old, the Aalpoels have dominated the Dutch sausage making trade by repeatedly claiming prizes for their products, which are hand-made at their village operation.