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Historic tower moves over for tunnel building crews

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DELFT - The centuries-old Bagijne tower has been moved a few metres to allow construction crews to build a railway tunnel. Situated in the city centre of Delft, the 280-ton tower was built around the year 1500 and is now a national monument. A high-powered, hydraulic machine lifted and moved the tower about 15 meters from its location in a complex operation that has involved the National Cultural Heritage Service and the city archaeologist in its year-long preparations. The Bagijnetoren was originally an observation tower and later became part of the city's defense works. The tower will be returned to its original location when the Spoorzone tunnel works are completed this summer. Delft formally became a city in 1246. Itís charter included the rights to build protective walls around the city for protection. Intersected by a railway, Delft has commenced a major relocation project, which will put the railway out of view in a tunnel and allow the city to upgrade its core.