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Theologians petition Synod to hold off on the NBV

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UTRECHT A group of theologians belonging to the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) want their synod to hold off on approving the New Bible Translation (NBV) until its translators have revised and improved weaknesses in the version which was published in 2004. Two concerned theologians received in five days time 300 signatures, which represent colleagues from the full width of the modality-rich merger denomination. The NBV replaced the 1951 translation, which was also published by the same group, the Nederlandse Bijbelgenootschap. The 2004 version is also supported by new partner, the Katholieke Bijbelstichting. Critical theologians published an analysis of the NBV in 2008, which was updated and reissued recently. The group wants the synod to hold back its approval for use on the pulpit and in the pew until after an updated edition of the 2004 version is published. To date, only one church federation has approved the NBV.